Maybe if I Just.

It has been a minute since the last update.

I am very a little disappointed in myself for not writing as much. This is my creative outlet and I know i haven’t been creating lately. Bleh. I made an awkward promise to myself today to not to neglect the writing. After all, you can’t nurture the craft if you don’t practice. And I should nurture this, because writing is the happy place. And I’ve no reason not to. Even if this turns into a personal headspace of random thoughts sans direction, it is, at the very least, an exercise in discipline. So here goes the promise.

Read on, lovelies.

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10 Things I Learned in 6 Months of Yoga 

My mind has a tendency to run 150mph in all different directions with sporadic thoughts sending me to a paralyzing state of panic and anxiety. Even after years of regular exercise, i still needed something to keep my mind from escaping to its dark place which manifested from thoughts of failure to inadequacy and emptiness.

I read online about the mental and physical benefits of yoga and decided to give it a go. Because why not? It is an ancient centuries old practice that seemed beneficial for people, not only for health but also wellness.

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