Jennifer NganI’m Jen!

I’m the writer and editor of this blog, The Bored Room. 

This blog is about all sorts of things, but mostly photography and stories and words.

I’m especially passionate about people, relationships and the beauty of exploring the world around me. I believe in the power of self-expression and the magic to be found in life\s every moment.

I like to write about experiences in a stylistic form, with exaggerated tones of literary techniques. This blog may seem overemphasized on repetition, and word drama but there is something to be said about my favorite method of suspense!

I enjoy storytelling, creative writing, and photography. Buttery rich words, and feelings and romanticism. Capturing something that conveys emotions and experiences into words and feelings that not only tell the story of the present moment but moments of deep reflection, and memories is intuitive as it is worthwhile to explore. 

I find it interesting to explore the complicated relationship between how we perceive something in thought and how we translate perception from images we create. And everything else that’s in transit. 

In my free time, I enjoy photography, art, hiking in nature, yoga, reading, and traveling. And coffee. All of it.

Currently residing in the lush tropics of Southeast Asia.

Thank you for reading. I hope you stay 🙂

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