Lessons in Patience


It’s not even October yet and I feel like I want to live in a different body. One that morphs into a whole new person after the New Year. It’s more of a mental transformation after setting goals/”resolutions”. That fresh new outlook you swear you’d keep.

Two weeks into my new job, and I feel like I’ve scrubbed my brain awash with a new perspective. Things I’d like to improve, things that can be improved and the task of being good at what i do, however difficult or tedious. That, coupled with my reflection on 2016, has been a profound year. I went on trips every month, hiked my way through a ton of nat’l parks, weekend staycations/getaways. Incredible friends. An upcoming Hawaii trip for my milestone birthday and a family trip to Hong Kong, in the same month. Possible Utah road trip in December and Alaska next year to see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). I had a complete change of career, moved, and started this blog.

What will 2017 be like, spiritually, personally, and geographically? My favorite advice, taken from all the books I’ve read; the faithful and reliable companions that they are, is to embrace the endless possibilities of the new year.